Craig Alaska Fishing Charter

Solid king salmon fishing out of Craig Alaska. Limits for my group for all three days on king salmon. Also got them their annual limit of lingcod and yellow eye. The halibut fishing has been very good. Lots of 40 inch plus halibut. You really get a lot of meat when you stay away from the chicken patches.  Lots of black bass too.

Craig Alaska Fishing Report

Limit of kings using a combination of downriggers and mooching today.  I do both, and can switch methods in a few minutes.   When we hook up trolling, the guys toss out mooching rigs and mooch while the fish is being fought.  Often we mooch, and if it just isn't working we start trolling and get kings right away.  Good to have options. Halibut is very good. Lots of nice halibut around this year. As you can see, all of our halibut were between 40 and 44 inches.  No chicken patches for me.  Cohos are starting to show.   A few chum and sockeye to be had too. Good fishing out of Craig, Alaska.

Craig Alaska Fishing Report

Worked my six guys rather hard today to get limits on all available species. Started out king fishing and had my limit in an hour and 15 minutes.  Then halibut, yellow eye, lingcod, and black bass.  Big day and everyone was very happy.  Ocean looks good.  Hard work, no excuses, and no dinky halibut.

Craig Alaska Fishing Report

Fishing is good out of Craig Alaska. Our king bite is holding out despite increased pressure from other charters. But we are getting it done and getting some very nice kings. Halibut fishing is also very good. I am putting in the effort search out larger halibut. I believe that halibut fishing should take just as much time and be just as exciting as king salmon fishing. Today we got a very nice letter of halibut including two halibut over 40 inches. No chicken patches for me.

Craig Alaska Fishing Report

Group of six for me.  They wanted to troll with downriggers, so we mopped up our limit of kings by 9am.   Halibut fishing was good.  Got some nice ones.  Then came the wild and crazy black bass fishing.  These guys love black bass but most importantly their wives love them and require them to bring black bass home. So I limited them out on nice big black bass as well as a few rockfish too. back to the dock by 2pm.  Great day. Another solid day.

Fish Alaska Magazine

Excellent advice in the most recent issue of Fish Alaska Magazine.  When fishing is great, a novice guide with give you good fishing but fall to pieces when things get tough.  When fishing is tough, an experienced and tested guide will come though and give you a memorable trip with full fish boxes.


Finished up group number three.  Craig, Alaska is living up to it's reputation again!   Limited on all the kings, halibut, lingcod, and yellow eye we are allowed to take.  And, with this weather no sitting at the dinky halibut patch for this guide.  Six halibut over 40 inches for this group and the rest were over 35 inches.   Hard work but smiling customers!

Craig Alaska King Salmon

Day three with my group of five anglers fishing out of Craig Alaska. We had a great time catching this morning and landed our limit of kings rather early again. At one point in time we had five fish on  and they ended up being four kings and a 42 inch halibut. We took our time and released a few smaller kings as we were looking for bigger kings . We then moved on to halibut fishing and caught a really nice limit of halibut. I stay away from the chicken patches and look to catch those 37 through 44 inch halibut. No excuses just hard work and great fishing to fill fish boxes.

Great fishing Craig Alaska

Fishing remains very hot out of Craig Alaska. We secured limits of nice king salmon by 830 in the morning today. Some nice size kings. Those kings aren't small, the other fish are just big. We then had to get two GAF any size halibut so we spent the time looking for very nice halibut. Our hard work paid off with 140 and 100 pound halibut as well as our normal limit of halibut. That included two halibut over 40 inches.  We also caught some lingcod and big yellow eye.  We were back to the dock by 2 PM with a great catch of fish.  Craig Alaska is the place to go for the ultimate combination fishing in Alaska.

Craig Alaska Charter Fishing

Great limit of kings by 730 this morning for my five anglers. We caught them mooching and never fished around another boat all day for salmon and bottomfish.  The king fishing out of Craig is very good right now with the fish averaging 18 to 20 pounds per king. Halibut fishing was also very good with a few  yellow eye and lingcod thrown in.

Craig Alaska Fishing Report

Weather continued to be rough for my group of six for the first two days. The first day it topped out at 50 mph winds. We got a quick limit of kings before 8 am and managed two halibut before things got crazy. One of the halibut was over 40" so that helped things. Day 2 was even windier, and it topped out at 65 mph. We managed limits on kings but halibut wasn't an option. It was blowing in our area very hard but we were able to troll and we got limits of kings by 1pm. Most of the other boats had left due to wind but sticking it out paid off for us and smiles all around. We grabbed a limit of big black bass and headed for the barn at 2pm. Day three was much better and we limited on k

Craig Alaska Fishing Report

Weather has been a bit tough the last 3 days, but I would rank the king fishing as good.  I have had 5 clients the last three days and have had limits of kings all three days before 8:30am.  The key for me has been trolling flashers and hoochies up along a rocky shoreline.  The rocks have trapped squid and candlefish and the kings are there.  Other boats are starting to fish the area  but plenty of kings seem to be there. Halibut has been more of a challenge due to weather but I have been able to get limits by anchoring in about 200 feet of water. The wind today made us earn our halibut but we were able to get limits in about two hours. In addition to halibut and king salmon we have also bee

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