2020 UPDATE 14 Day Quarantine Lifted, but a test required.

The governor announced today that the 14 day quarantine will be ending June 5. Great news for people wanting to fish. But, their is one condition. All travelers to Alaska will have to take a covid-19 test no longer than 72 hours before boarding your flight to Alaska, and you need paperwork. This caught us a bit by surprise but it's not an insurmountable obstacle. The more we think about it, we realize this is probably for the best as it minimizes the risk of it accidentally being spread to me, which would bring my season to a grinding halt for a few weeks while I recover. So if you are determined to go fishing, start scoping out rapid testing sites in your area. I will be contacting

2020 Update

As of right now, the State of Alaska extended the 14 day mandatory quarantine until June 2. This effects only my first group of the season which I am hoping is able to come a few days later to avoid it. We are hoping that cooler heads prevail and that they do not extend it beyond that. Thank you for your patience and I wish I had some answers for you all right now. We realize that all of you have paid deposits, bought airline tickets, and have been looking forward to this trip for a long time. We are in the same boat as you, and have put out a lot of money getting ready for our season only to be met with a lot of uncertainty and a State government that doesn't seem to want to give us a

Kings Are Showing

I have been commercial fishing the last few days for kings. Some really nice ones around. Hopefully a good sign for the season to come. Can't wait to be on the water with you guys. Stay safe.

Kings are showing

Had a good run on the kings the last few days while commercial fishing. Got some really nice ones. Looking forward to fishing with you all this summer. Stay safe and see you soon! Capt Joel

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