Alaska Wide Open

Wide Open is a term used for really good fishing. Fishing so good that virtually everyone on the boat is hooked up, and the action is fast and furious. Hook a fish, land it, get baited up, drop down, and hook up immediately. Fishing is fishing though. You never can predict weather, fish abundance, and how well they are biting. One thing about fishing out of Craig, Alaska is that we often can have wide open fishing, on multiple species. It is common to have wide open fishing with species like black bass and halibut. Black bass is fast and furious fishing, and people love it. They are tasty fish too. Halibut are often thick too and we can hook up as soon as we get to the bottom. Often

Cleaning Salmon

Salmon quality is dependent on how the fish is taken care of. There are are three things you must do for the high quality salmon. You must bleed, you must gut/gill, and you must chill to close to 32 degrees. For longevity in the freezer, all three are essential. If your fish tastes like fish in six months, it wasn't handled properly. Blood is one of the biggest factors in fish taste and quality. Getting the blood out requires bleeding, scraping the kidney, and getting it cold. As a commercial salmon troller, I must do all of these things to be able to sell a fish and have it be considered premium quality. In the video above, I swung a small king aboard to measure it. I usually stun

On The Grid

One of the most frequent questions I get over the last 15 years as a fishing guide is "what do you do all fall, winter, and spring?" Well, that's an easy one.. I fish! In addition to holding a Halibut Charter Permit and having a 25' Almar Sounder to guide out of, I hold an Alaskan Power Troll Permit and own a 40' Commercial Salmon Troller named the "Glory". It's an amazing boat, and very fun for me to fish out . So, in addition to full guiding schedule, I also fish all fall, winter, and spring. It is a lot of fishing, and I love every minute of it. Yesterday I put it up on the tidal grid in town to change out some zincs, and just give it a general inspection. A grid is place where you

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