Family Fun

Day two.  A grind for cohos.  17 big cohos.  Limit of halibut.  After more variety tomorrow.

Cohos and Halibut

21 cohos and a limit of halibut. Three more days with this awesome family.

Jumbo cohos.

Limited.  Big cohos. Nice hali, nice lings.   My clients have been going home with over 100lbs each.  Nice kings too when we can get to them.


And they are big.  Great day with my group of 2.  Home a little early.


Dramatic improvement today.  Feels like they are arriving en mass. Caught the 36 I needed.  Hopefully they are here to stay.

Mixed Bag

Put the picture Of the black bass up because we have sure been getting a lot of them this year.   Coho fishing remains spotty.  My buddy Jeremy got 14 today for 3 anglers.  Nice fish too.   If you chase big halibut or make a wrong move, very easy to get 3-5 cohos for the day.  It takes time to get a good score.  Keeper halibut is good.  Lots of rockfish.  Some lunker kings around, but it will cost you cohos to sit and wait for the possibly for one to bite.  A 42lb king was landed today on the Steller One.  I am starting a 16 day run tomorrow.  Lots of fishing left to go in this season.

Coho and big tides

Coho fishing is improving but no big accumulation in one particular spot. 5-10 per boat, per day depending on time spent. Tides are huge and fish are moving so I expect a big surge of cohos in the near future.  Kings are slow but still around.  Halibut and rockfish are good.

In search of Coho

They are late, but they are coming.  Kings are ok.   Burning fuel looking for coho.  Tides are getting big this week so hopefully they flush in.  Picture was 10 miles offshore looking for coho.

2018 Commercial King Opener

Had a rough time deciding what to do.  Figured Felix would get hammered.  It did. On my day off, ran down to Muzon.  50+ miles.  Looked good.  Lots of herring.  Day before it opened made the 9 hour run in the Glory and anchored up.  Landed 55 day 1.  About 30 boats down there.  Day 2 landed 10 before having hydraulic issues.  It was over anyway.  Caught 6 on the way home.  70 total.  Brutal for the guys who fished Noyes and Baker.

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