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Halibut Fishing Craig Alaska 

Nice keeper sized halibut

Happy angler with a 37" halibut.  Great eating!

Craig Alaska Charter Fishing

The West Coast of Prince of Wales has great halibut fishing!

After salmon fishing, we go halibut fishing.  It is part of your daily fishing routine. 

Here are the regulations of halibut in Southeast Alaska:

In Southeast Alaska, we are regulated under strict halibut limits to ensure the health of the fishery and to keep us within our allocation.   We have a reverse slot limit.  Our size limit is has ranged anywhere from 1 under 44 to 38 inches in the last 7 years.  Still a fight on lighter tackle.  Halibut that size range yield a very desirable flavor and texture for eating and add a good variety to your fish box.  The upper end of the limit is 80" and we can keep halibut over that size.  A true trophy and rare.  If we get one, I will sink a harpoon in it for you if you want to keep it.   

If 60-200lb halibut are desired, come in June when I include GAF halibut tags with your groups package.  June 1-15 your group of four will be able to retain two any-size halibut in addition to your regular limit of halibut.  From June 15-30 your group will get one any sized halibut.     


We are owners of our own Halibut Charter Permit.  This federal permit is required for a charter to legally take halibut on a charter in Alaska.  There are not many Charter Halibut Permits in existence so rest assured when you book with us, we have the proper permits to take you halibut fishing.   

GAF Hali along with keeper sized halibut
Typical GAF Halibut

Found this limit of nice halibut on the protected inside waters when the wind was blowing on the outside.  

Typical limit of halibut out of the Craig area

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