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Booking Checklist


Confirm with Capt Joel your fishing dates.  Check on airline flights from your area to Ketchikan Alaska.


Fill out the information sheet.  That is located HERE.  This information is vital to us to make sure we can reserve you flights on Island Air Express.  If you plan on taking the ferry, please put that on the form.  


Call Island Air Express and book your round trip flights with the reservation number we provide to you.  You will be purchasing the "Lodge Fare" which will prepay your fish boxes going back to Ketchikan.


Mail a $500 deposit per anger to:

Alaska Wide Open Charters

PO 1367 

Craig, Alaska 99921


Purchase your fishing license and king stamp at HERE.  Most of you will need a 3 day, non resident fishing license and king stamp.  If you have any questions or are unsure of what to get, wait until you get up here and we can do it when you arrive.  

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