Charter Action

Had a party of three today.   Kings made us grind a bit, but a little patience paid off.   Halibut were there for the taking.  Happy birthday to the birthday girl pictured who will be turning six tomorrow.

Outside good

Plenty of kings around. Not wide open but most spots have a few. Winston, the new pharmacist in town landed this nice 32 pound king last night while fishing with me. It's stomach was full of big squid. We also got two more kings, both nice sized. I know of kings in at least 5 spots on the outside, so things are looking promising and the fish appear to be on the beach this year.

Big improvement

Out commercial trolling salmon this morning.  Definitely more Kings around this week versus last week.  I have been busy this last week preparing for the upcoming charter season.   Won’t be long now.

Kings are showing.

Trolled commercial today during a local opening.  Picked up some nice kings.  I fish solo, so I apologize for the dark picture.  Someone somewhere will purchase and eat this big white king I caught today trolling 120ft deep around some rockpiles.  Probably will end up in a high end restaurant by the weekend.  When not charter fishing, I commercial salmon troll out of my 40ft troller the Glory.

Score one for Ada

Took my two daughters out after school today.  About 15 minutes and Ada grabbed the rod and the fight was on. About a 20lb King.   Looking forward to having fresh king.

Preparing for number 16

Getting ready for my 16th season out of Craig. I am fully booked from June 1st to Aug 30th and am grateful for that. Looking forward to seeing everyone and seeing those rods bent over with fish all day. As usual, I will be giving 100% effort to get you guys on fish. In a week or so I will begin scouting in earnest to ensure I know where everything is at before you all arrive. So far the reports sound favorable on the outside waters. I will provide updates on the blog as things progress.

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