Killer whales and trolling

Got 1 king day 2 and 2 kings day 3. Killer whales got us day 2.  Heading out commercial fishing for a week.  Then back to charters.

Group of 2

Kings were quick.   Hit the halibut spot and took care of business.  Then ling, yellow eye, and bass.   Tomorrow we hunt a GAF fish.  Chasing offshore coho is also in the agenda.   Lots of catching today.

Last day

Last day for my group of five. I have to admit it’s been rather stressful getting five kings a day. We’ve been dashing out first thing in the morning and it’s really paid out for us. Yesterday we had our kings by 5:45 AM and today we had our kings by 6:45 AM. As they say the early bird gets the worm. Sounds like I’m hearing a lot of struggling on the radio.

Kings Hal GAF Halibut

Smashed the kings early.  Went offshore and got other species.  Got an 80lb halibut under the GAF program.  Ask me about June and GAF.

Kings and halibut

Group of five.  Three adults and two kids.   Got Kings and halibut.  Tomorrow looks like a good offshore day.

Offshore Day

Wrapped up kings fairly early.  Finally had a day to get offshore.  Halibut, king, yellow eye, and bass were on the agenda.   Managed to get them all and be back to the dock by 1pm.  I will add that these guys were awesome, like all my groups are.  Big shout out to Dan K for showing me the glow jigs...  they put a hurt on the ling and yellow eye. Day off tomorrow.


Pretty good.  Some nice ones showing up for sure.   Last day tomorrow with this great group of guys.

Cookie Jar fishing.

Had a few kings left on the table so my group and I did an morning trip as they didn’t fly out until tomorrow.    Managed a 27 and 24lb king fishing little cookie jar spots out of the weather.  Lost another good one too.  My next group comes in tonight.  Back out there tomorrow!

Last minute heroics

The killer whales showed up en mass.  They killed a young humpback and ate it by shaft rock.  The king salmon fled.  Kept grinding and got first king at 2pm.  Then doubled and ended with 3.  Ready for the rain to stop.  Back at it tomorrow.  Halibut and black bass too.

Windy Kings

We earned our Kings today.  Had some bad luck and lost 3 that were hooked.  Still got three nice ones in the boat.

Shallow water trolling

3 kings, halibut, Black bass.   Grinded hard but couldn’t get that last king in the boat.


Got a good one today.  As well as halibut, yellow eye, and bass.

Multi species

One angler today, as the second was sick.   Despite wind, we got a 20lb King, nice halibut, yellow eye, true cod,, Black bass, and a yellow tail.   Back at it tomorrow!

The Grind

Got a little worried but the “stick and stay, make it pay” worked out with nice 20+ pound kings.

Bigger fish.

Some bigger fish moved in. Even the black bass were bigger.  Limit or Kings, halibut, and black bass.  Caught first coho of year.  Very early for that.

Went to the troll

Kings by 730am.  Lots of bottomfish and halibut.  Good day. Kings are eating squid, so trolling flashers and hoochies is working well.


Things are picking up at the moment.  Nice, solid kings Caught today mooching.  Looking forward to tomorrow. In 2020 if you book a group of 4 from June 1-15, you get 2 GAF halibut for your group.   Trophy halibut, kings, lingcod, and yellow eye.

Hard at it

Kings have been a bit of roller coaster.  Been getting kings daily though.  Had a nice load of kings, halibut, lingcod, and yellow eye today.

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