Day 3

Cohos were a bit more difficult but we scaped out 17 of them. Hali and a few kings.  Great weather.

Starting to book up for 2020

I have dates left, but not many.   If you are thinking about it, let me know what you are looking for.   I also have the ability to book a second boat too. Joel

Day two and three

Cohos are growing.   Not lights out coho fishing, but we are getting limits or close too.  Poundage is really getting up there.

Group of two

These guys were on fire and hooked just about every coho that bit.   Limit of coho and Hali on a nasty weather day.  One more day or wind and then it looks like smooth sailing till the end of the season.

Days 2 and 3

This great group got to experience Alaska at its finest.  Winds, rain, dodging debris field from a landslide .  We prevailed and got limits of halibut.  Fell short on cohos the last day but still put 17 in the box.

New group

Great first day.   24 coho, 3 Kings, Hal, and a ling.  A little weather to navigate coming up.

Last day

Hit the cohos pretty good first thing.  Got 17 and ran for Hali.   Got those and and swung into seine for the last king we needed.  Got that first drift.  Ran down to Haida and got 7 coho in no time at all to finish that limit.   Then it was off to the rockfish pile for some bass and 2 lingcod.   Productive day, back to dock at 1:30.   All fish immediately cut by yours truly and vacuum packed and in the freezer by 4pm.   At larger operations your fish will sit out for hours and hours before being processed.

Good day

Had 24 coho and 1 king by 8.   Got nice Hali.   Went back king fishing and got 2 more.


Had steady coho fishing today.   Nice size.  Halibut grew a little too.  Great day.

Kings open Aug 16

No explanation given.   Still a 1 annual limit.   Sorry to you guys who fished Aug 1-15.

Group finished

Got into good cohos.  Both boats limited on cohos and halibut.  New group coming in today.    Didn’t take many fish pictures this group.


48 coho and 8 Hali for our group of 8.  Big coho.

Group of 8

Chased the wrong coho bite and came up short on them.  Got a 100# GAF Hali.  Let a 250+ go.  Same spot we got great keepers in a few days ago.  Now it’s full of big fish.   Back at it tomorrow with this great group of guys.

Great day.

Grinded on cohos.  Had a phenomenal halibut and ling bite.   Great day.

Day 2

Worked hard for the coho but got them all.  Nice sized coho.

New Group

Great new group today.  Got our limit of coho and halibut.   Fun day.  Back at it tomorrow.

Last day

Last day for my group from Texas.  Cohos were good.   Picked up a limit of halibut, a GAF Hali, and some yellow tail rockfish.   Good day and we survived the NW winds.

Cohos on again

After a tough coho day yesterday things went according to plan today.  Limit or nice cohos and halibut.   One 70# GAF Hali.   NW winds aren’t the easiest to bottom fish in but we have been getting it done.


Got pinked in a big way.   Lots of pinks showed up.   Got 8 coho, limit of hali, and two nice GAF halibut.

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