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We Plan On Fishing

I am sure everyone is wondering if charter season is actually going to happen up here in Craig for 2020 given this virus that seems to be taking over the world. Fishing is actually considered Critical Infrastructure here in Alaska. As required by the State, we are submitting a safety plan to the State of Alaska to gain permission to operate this summer. This plan will be to minimize the risk of exposure to the residents of Craig. I will be posting updates as the process moves along. My guess is that we will get approved but will be required to keep a low profile around town just in case the virus hitched a ride on the way up. This might mean we will have to make your beer runs for you and make sure you get fed dinner.

We will be working very hard to give you the best experience possible, given the circumstances we are facing. We are determined not only to survive this craziness, but to thrive in it. The good news is that I have heard that the larger lodges are experiences a good deal of cancellations and some have cancelled parts of their seasons. That means less boats to get in our way. Kings have also been strong this winter and spring as well as our halibut limit increasing. I am expecting a great fishing season.

Have a great spring and stay safe. Don't hesitate to call.

Capt Joel and Leanne

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