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Craig Alaska Fishing Report

Weather has been a bit tough the last 3 days, but I would rank the king fishing as good.  I have had 5 clients the last three days and have had limits of kings all three days before 8:30am.  The key for me has been trolling flashers and hoochies up along a rocky shoreline.  The rocks have trapped squid and candlefish and the kings are there.  Other boats are starting to fish the area  but plenty of kings seem to be there. 

Halibut has been more of a challenge due to weather but I have been able to get limits by anchoring in about 200 feet of water. The wind today made us earn our halibut but we were able to get limits in about two hours. In addition to halibut and king salmon we have also been catching lingcod and black bass.  It is very interesting that there are not many black bass around this year. It actually allows me to troll some rocky areas I previously could not for king salmon. It does make me wonder where most of the black rock fish have gone though. Looks like we have more tough weather for the next week.   This is unusually windy for early June. Not too worried though because I've got king salmon in several spots that I can fish in a stout SE wind.  

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