Doubled Up

Couldn't take it, and had to go fishing last night. Grabbed one of the kids, and pulled away from the dock at 7pm. Here in Craig, Alaska we have great fishing right outside the harbor at times. Granted on charters we run to the outside, but we really do have excellent fishing close to town too at various times. It is one of the reasons this place is so popular with people looking for a great fishing vacation. And to top it off, we have zero cruise ships show up to our town. This place isn't a commercialized zoo in the summer season like other places in southeast Alaska. Well, after about 30 minutes of trolling both rods go off. On one rod we have about an 15lb king. Perfect. On the other rod was a 55lb halibut. Bonus! Hope to see you up here in 2018. Don't forget to ask about the great deals you can get for coming in May!

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