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2020 Update

As of right now, the State of Alaska extended the 14 day mandatory quarantine until June 2. This effects only my first group of the season which I am hoping is able to come a few days later to avoid it. We are hoping that cooler heads prevail and that they do not extend it beyond that.

Thank you for your patience and I wish I had some answers for you all right now. We realize that all of you have paid deposits, bought airline tickets, and have been looking forward to this trip for a long time. We are in the same boat as you, and have put out a lot of money getting ready for our season only to be met with a lot of uncertainty and a State government that doesn't seem to want to give us a yes or a no as to whether we can operate this summer. Very frustrating as not only is guiding fisherman a passion of mine, but it makes up the bulk of how we earn our livelihood. We haven't taken any bailout money from the feds either as we never had any intention of not operating this summer and were able to rebook every cancellation we had.

Take care and hope to see you all soon.

Joel and Leanne

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