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Craig Alaska Fishing Report

Weather continued to be rough for my group of six for the first two days. The first day it topped out at 50 mph winds. We got a quick limit of kings before 8 am and managed two halibut before things got crazy. One of the halibut was over 40" so that helped things. Day 2 was even windier, and it topped out at 65 mph. We managed limits on kings but halibut wasn't an option. It was blowing in our area very hard but we were able to troll and we got limits of kings by 1pm. Most of the other boats had left due to wind but sticking it out paid off for us and smiles all around. We grabbed a limit of big black bass and headed for the barn at 2pm. Day three was much better and we limited on kings, halibut, (2 over 40 inches), rockfish, and black bass. Fun day of fishing and it was a welcome relief after the weather we had gone through. After limits of kings the first three days we could not retain kings, so we had a day of bottom fishing for our forth day. Six clients and we killed it. Our biggest lingcod was 44 inches. A trophy for the angler who was dying to catch a big one. Halibut averaged over 20lbs. No dinky fish, no excuses, just hard fishing all day working rockpiles and humps. Not pictured are the big black rockfish we caught too. Fishing is good in the Craig area for the guys who grind and pay attention to what's going on. Those trolling with downriggers are doing very well. Not sure how the moochers are doing but I certainly wouldn't want to be fishing this year without my downriggers.

Next group shows up today. I have two GAF halibut to find for these hardcore fishermen. The weather looks great and I am excited. I think this is my 6th year of fishing this next group.

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