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Almost Out of Time

The winter fishery ends for us at the end of April. We had the luxury this year of being able to actually fish to the Bitterend as the winter fishery was so slow we didn't catch all of our quota. This presents a unique opportunity for us down in the southern part of Southeast Alaska to be able to harvest a good amount of fish in April. I took off yesterday morning at 1 o'clock in the morning. The days are getting so long that you really need to get up early when you have a seven knot troller. I made a run out to a spot I was hoping there was some fish and sure enough it was pretty good. I ended up having the best day I've ever had in the winter. Things are looking really good out of the Craig area. I almost wish I could go guiding right now because I know without a doubt that I could easily limit my clients on king salmon and also get some nice halibut that seem to be around right now. Not to mention the fishing pressure is relatively light with very few sport boats out. I'm also learning some fantastic new areas to use with downrigger's in the early-season that we have never explored before. It's amazing the size of the kings we catch too.  And yes the Kings are stuffed full of needlefish,herring,squid, and krill. All of the feed is here. I am anticipating a great summer. Enjoy my pictures of my sounder and take a look with those kings look like right before they jump on my gear.

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